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Fire-resistant glass is multi-layered. Its main feature is the presence of the inner layers of fire-resistant gel that changes its properties under high temperature. In case of fire, when the temperature is above 120°C, intermediate layers of foamed glass transform into an opaque rigid design that provides reliable protection from fire, smoke and combustion products.

The hardness of the foamed inner layers ensures the integrity of the structure. There are no cracks or holes on the glass, which prevent, the penetration of flame or combustion products. The intermediate layers also have a porous structure that provides a high degree of thermal insulation, in another words, they exclude heating of the protected space. The opacity of the inner layers avoids panic during the evacuation, which complies with the European fire safety requirements for glazed structures.

Fire-resistant glass is classified on the integrity criteria (E), insulation (I), the level of heat transfer (W), and the fire resistance (15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes).