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Aurum Security production facility is located in Germany, which gives us an opportunity to have an access to the most advanced European technologies. The high-tech equipment and the latest developments have enabled us to produce the high-class glass. We use the following technologies to obtain high-strength glass:

  • Thermal hardening

    A special way of heat treatment of glass, based on a sharp change in temperature - heating and subsequent cooling. As a result, the properties of the materials change: the strength of the glass increases, the resistance to impact and deflection improves, and its heat resistance capacity (up to 180°C) also increases. An important consumer quality of tempered glass is its safety: if damaged, our glass will break into fragments that do not have sharp glass shards.

  • Chemical Treatment

    In contrast to the thermal method of tempering glass, Chemical Treatment method is based on the principle of chemical ion exchange – wherein positively charged sodium ions are replaced by positively charged potassium ions. As a result, an increased stress is created on the glass surface, providing high strength, resistance to scratching and fire resistance. This progressive method of glass hardening makes it possible to provide the required characteristics for products of high structural optics. During processing, the product does not deform and there are no optical distortions in it. In addition, hardening of glass by chemical method allows to remove a defective layer from its surface that occurs during transportation and storage.

  • Chemical-Thermal Treatment

    This method is used for effective hardening of thin glasses without deterioration of optical properties and occurrence of preconditions for self-destruction of a material.