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Aurum Security is the world's first company which has developed and certified its armored vehicles by the highest protection level for civilian vehicles - VPAM 10. In recent years, the company has developed innovative types of composite materials, including armored glass. Our glass successfully passed all stages of certification, including protection against explosions (15kg of TNT at a distance of 2 meters) and resistance to bullets (at any angle, including 90 degrees) during the test of our armored vehicle in Germany.

The hi-tech clear bulletproof glass is designed to protect the public, residential and commercial buildings, as well as civil and military armored vehicles. It ensures reliable protection against bullets, prolonged physical restraint, as well as several kinds of effects at the same time. Bulletproof glass combines the structural properties of polycarbonate and high wear resistance. The variety of shapes and sizes of the bulletproof glass also add security to architectural and design tasks.