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At the heart of the high quality of our products, we use only proven raw materials from the best manufacturers. We offer you various kinds of glass materials produced by Aurum Glass.

  • Duplex

    A two-layer material consisting of glass and a polymer layer. The duplex design is light, yet robust enough. In addition, the use of a colored polymer layer allows the production of decorative glass of different colors, making it possible to use duplexes in the field of construction, architecture and design. Gluing the same "native" automotive glass with polymeric material of protection class BR1 and BR2 can significantly increase the protective properties of the car without disrupting its design.

  • Triplex

    A three-layer material consisting of two glasses and one polymer layer. The advantages of the triplex glass include increased strength, improved safety (when glass fragments are destroyed, they remain on the inner polymer layer), as well as a variety of colors and textures. The decorative types of the triplex glass include, in particular, smart glass - a composition of two layers of transparent or tinted glass with an internal liquid crystal layer that is capable of changing color or even broadcasting a high-definition video image.

  • Multilayer Triplex

    A glass material that has increased impact and fire resistance. It is used for glazing of armored vehicles, as well as anti-vandal glazing of commercial showcases.

  • Multilayer Triplex for Shipbuilding

    A fireproof glass that guarantees safety and high optical properties. It is possible to produce glass of various shapes, as well as different levels of fire resistance (AO, A15, A30, A60 for external and VO, B15 for internal glazing). All ship windows are manufactured in accordance with ISO 3903.