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Aurum Glass offers glass of various types and appropriation, including bullet-proof, shock-proof, fire-resistant and architectural glass.

Aurum Glass is a brand of the German company Aurum Security, that is a leader in the production of armored vehicles. Our office and production facilities are located in Germany, which means we are able to draw on the best practice of the German automotive industry and experience of German engineers. Aurum Security was certified by Lloyds according to ISO 9000 standard.

We are proud to be the first company in the world that began to produce civilian vehicles according to the highest level of protection for civilian vehicles – VPAM 10. Our Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has passed certification at the iABG – an authoritative test center in Germany. The armored vehicle with glass of our own production was presented during the test, and we are pleased to note that the glass withstood explosives of various capacities, even 15 kg of TNT, as well as provided protection against shots from Kalashnikov automatic rifle at any angle (also at 90 degrees). Previously, such results were only demonstrated by military vehicles. Our armored cars provide the highest level of security, which is the result of regular tests and trials that we put into our armored vehicles and all used materials.

With the necessary experience, knowledge and unique technologies, we decided to start manufacturing glass not only for our armored cars, but also for various industries. Given the experience in the successful operation of armored automotive glass, we expanded our range of glass materials, and now we produce glass with a variety of specifications and for different purposes: such as for the construction industry, shipbuilding, design, etc.

While mastering a new field of activity, we adhere to our core principles, which has enabled us to gain a leading position in the production of armored vehicles and they are: constant quality control, focus on the best international practices, and the use of the most advanced technologies. We never compromise on quality and your safety. This is a commitment enshrined in our values.